OERu 1st Year of Study

The OERu will soon be offering learners around the world, unlimited, fee-free access to high-quality open online courses created by an international network of innovative institutions.

We are proud to launch assessment services for our first qualification in business studies early in 2018. The Certificate Higher Education Business (CertHE) is an introductory level qualification in business and management studies which provides a general overview for a possible career in business across a wide range of sectors and industries. This United Kingdom-based qualification will be conferred by the The University of the Highlands and Islands.

Registrations for Learning in a Digital Age (LIDA), the inaugural course for the CertHE to be offered in March 2018, are now open. Digital literacies for online learning is the first of four micro-courses for LiDA, and learners will be able to earn stackable micro-credentials towards the CertHE.  This course is designed to develop learners’ core skills needed to succeed academically and professionally, including study management, academic and professional writing, and digital literacy. 

The courses available for this programme and corresponding launch dates are listed below. Register on the stay connect list  to receive updates on the launch of the OERu 1st year of study.

Academic skills 

Business courses

  • Introduction to project management (July 2018)
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship (Aug 2018)
  • Principles of corporate communication (Sept 2018)
  • Principles of management (Oct 2018)
  • Principles of marketing (Nov 2018)
  • Principles of microeconomics (Nov 2018)
  • Principles of macroeconomics (Dec 2018)
  • Introduction to business (Jan 2019)
  • Introduction to customer centred business (Mar 2019)
  • Introduction to operations management (Jun 2019)

 For more information please consult: Certificate Higher Education Business (OERu)