Prospective partners

Join an international network with a philanthropic mission to provide first-class, accessible and affordable education to everyone – no matter where they live, or what their background.

OERu is a low cost, low risk – but high impact – initiative. Become an OERu partner and learn how your institution can reduce the costs and time required to produce high-quality online courses, while working towards social inclusion. Reach the untapped potential of under-served markets, and take the opportunity to diversify your curriculum in a cost-effective manner, especially for low enrolment courses.

Raise your institution’s profile through WikiEducator, one of the world’s largest and most productive educational wiki communities. Make a meaningful community service contribution, and help make higher education sustainable through economic development.

Consult Join OERu for additional information. 

+ How will you benefit from becoming an OERu partner?

There are many benefits to joining the OERu partner institution network – but three stand out:

  1. Community Service: widen access to higher education for learners currently excluded due to costs or lack of local availability.

  2. Networking: join an international network of ‘like-minded’ academic institutions

  3. New services: explore new business opportunities that can arise from getting involved in open education.  


Joining our network is the smart choice – no new money is required and you will recoup recurrent operational costs.


Find out more about what we do

7 Things you should know about the OERu network plan (PDF, 392KB) or

Read our Organisation FAQs for more details about the benefits of becoming a OERu partner.

+ OERu membership requirements and cost

OERu partners:

  • join the OER Foundation as contributing members and agree to assemble two courses from existing open education materials for the benefit of our network

  • donate a 0.2 full-time staff equivalent for developing and maintaining their own course contributions to the network

  • join as gold-level members at the cost of US$4000 (net) per annum, after taking the multi-year discount into account – membership fees are utilised to sustain the central infrastructure for the planning, development and hosting of OERu courses

  • retain decision-making autonomy regarding the fee structure for assessment services provided and credit transfer protocols

  • can follow, and contribute to, OERu activities in WikiEducator – ensuring that everything we do is transparent

  • are invited to participate in the OERu Council of Chief Executive Officers, which functions as an assembly of senior leaders called together for consultation on strategic higher education futures.


As a registered non-profit organisation, all spending of revenue generated by the OER Foundation is restricted to the charitable educational activities of the network.

+ How to become an OERu partner

OERu welcomes expressions of interest from recognised and accredited post-secondary institutions. The majority of partners join the OER Foundation as gold contributing members.

  • The three-year gold-level membership of US$4000 (after multi-year discount) is recommended as this includes a minimal staff time contribution and fees can be paid annually, without a lump-sum advance payment to qualify for discount.

  • Contributing members participate actively in the management and decision-making processes of the OERu.


Read our Join OERu for more details about the benefits of becoming a OERu partner.


For more information on membership categories contact the Director and UNESCO-ICDE Chair for OER.