How it works

Do you have an internet connection? Interested in learning online with others from around the world? OERu gives you the chance to study independently, from home, with access to world-class courses from recognised institutions.

Do you want your study recognised towards a formal academic qualification, but are looking for an affordable option? OERu is for you! With us, you can study online, for free, from anywhere in the world. You can also pay reduced fees, if you want to gain academic credit - and you only pay for assessment when you’re ready. Either way, you get the course that suits you, when you want it.


+ Online learning with international classmates

Online, open-source and independent – OERu courses are designed with you in mind. All our courses are:

  • taught online. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re good to go!

  • based on open educational resources and openly accessible materials on the Internet. This means you won’t need to buy any textbooks.

  • designed for independent study. You will also get peer-support from your fellow learners, while in some OERu courses you will be studying with full-time registered students at one or more of our OERu anchor partners (a network of academic institutions in five continents).


+ Study for academic credit

Are you working towards a formal qualification? OERu courses can help you get there! Our courses are developed by recognised universities, polytechnics and community colleges and designed for formal academic credit.

  • Our partner institutes offer qualifications through the OERu network of the same academic standing as traditional courses offered on-campus.

  • Some of our partners provide optional assessment services towards formal academic credit.

  • You’ll receive your credential from the OERu partner institute offering the qualification.

  • The first qualification that our network of academic institutes offers is the Certificate Higher Education Business.

  • Individual courses may also be recognised as transfer credit for a wide range of qualifications offered by our partners.

  • You may also study towards the Diploma in Tertiary education offered by Otago Polytechnic, which includes a number of undergraduate courses.

 Want to find out more? Read the course information details of the course you’re interested in to get more information about the recognised credential and credit transfer options within the OERu network.

 Signup to our mailing list if you’re interested in receiving announcements about new OERu courses, as well as those planned for release in the near future (with anticipated dates for first registration).

+ Try before you buy

At OERu you learn for free. And, you pay significantly reduced fees if you want to get your study recognised as formal academic assessment towards recognised credentials.

  • Our formal assessment services are optional – provided on a ‘fee for service’ basis by our partner institutes.

  • Formal assessment fees are considerably lower the normal tuition costs for full time study.

+ Customise your learning using micro-courses

OERu offers most of our full courses in micro-format. These micro-courses offer you more flexibility to manage your learning around personal commitments and learning interests.


A micro Open Online Course (mOOC):

  • represents a sub-component of a full course and is usually offered over a two to three week period

  • is for learners interested in the topic of a mOOC but not necessarily the full course

  • provides opportunities to gain micro-credentials for a large number of OERu micro-courses (see for example, Edubits)

  • qualifies those who have successfully completed the set of mOOCs associated with the corresponding full course, to earn transfer credits towards designated OERu qualifications .

+ Two ways to engage in an OERu course

  1. Self-directed interest: Learners in this category select concepts, topics and activities during the course according to personal interests. You can sip and dip into sections of the course which you find interesting. Many learners in this category participate actively during all sessions of the course, however there are no minimum participation requirements for self-interest learners.

  2. Learning for credit: A unique feature of the OERu is that you can submit your work for formal assessment on a ‘fee for service basis’ from designated OERu partners. Successful students will earn academic transfer credit towards the specified OERu qualifications

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