GHG Khalsa College of Education

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G.H.G. Khalsa College of Education Gurusar Sadhar is located in Sadhar village, 28 kilometers from Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

The institution is associated with Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, the sixth Sikh Guru, who visited this place in 1657, and is a symbol of Miri-Piri -- a combination of Spiritual as well as temporal authority. People of the region are grateful to the late Nihang Shamsher Singh who selected this place as the nucleus of his spiritual and educational endeavours. In 1921, he started a modest Gurmukhi Pathshala (Vernacular primary school). In 1948, an Intermediate College was established which later became a Degree College.

Teacher Training (B.T.) commenced in 1955 as a Department of the Arts College with 100 seats. In 1957, the B.T. Department was transformed into the G.H.G Khalsa College of Education becoming an independent and fully-fledged institute. In 1976, an additional 100 seats were added. The Masters of Education class was started in 1982.

The College is awarded 'A' Grade (CGPA 3.30) by the National Accreditation Assessment Council. The College is managed by the Governing Council, G.H.G. Khalsa College, Gurusar Sadhar (Ludhiana). It is a Grant-in-aid college operating under the 95% deficit grant-in-aid scheme of the Government of Punjab and is duly recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi under 12 (B) & 2 (F) of the UGC Act. It is permanently recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi. It is also permanently affiliated to Panjab University Chandigarh. The College is also conferred 'Mentor College Status' by UGC under the Paramarsh Scheme for NAAC accreditation of the five colleges of the region.