Living life with dementia

Dementia is a chronic degenerative disease but it doesn’t have to be a dire diagnosis. People can, and do, adapt to the disease and live full and fulfilled lives; they live their life with dementia.
What’s it about?

In a draft global action plan, the World Health Organization [WHO] (2017) estimated that 75 million people would be affected with dementia by 2030. Amidst the portrayal of statistics to represent the growth of dementia in our societies; behind every number, there is a person living with dementia. 

Members’ of society who hope to support persons living with dementia must see the person first and not the disease. Sadly, most educational resources available today, focus on the disease and not the person. To that end, this micro-course (OER) consciously prioritizes the person living with dementia.

What will I learn?

This Living life with dementia online micro-course provides opportunities to:

  • learn how persons living with dementia engage in life and have voice in their journey with dementia
  • explore how to support a person living with dementia
  • recognize the different stages of dementia that influence the lived journey.
  • use tools to create environments that support living life with dementia.
What’s involved?



There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Code: LLWD100
Estimated Start: 2019Q1
Type: Micro course

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