Mid-Western University

Serving the people of Nepal and enriching the global higher education community


Mid-Western University (MWU) is an autonomous public institution of higher learning with a mission to serve the people of Nepal, specifically the people of Karnali, the largest province with high demands for access to higher education.

The highest aspiration of the University is to provide quality education in a way that promotes the holistic development of the students’ abilities and personality, and enhances the knowledge of the youth in a spirit of understanding, universally shared principles, and enhancing the common good.

The University is taking advantage of its culturally diversity and position as an emerging academic institution to adopt innovative way to achieve its goals, open to the exchange of ideas where discovery, creativity, and personal and professional development can flourish.
The university has joined the OERu Outreach Partnership to expand its education program using OERu online courses for its students and researchers.