Nepal Open University

Nepal Open University is a leading higher education institution in Nepal providing access to education and training for the people through open, distance, and online learning with a blend of face-to-face delivery. The University provides courses for academic, professional, technical and vocational qualifications underpinned by the principle of lifelong learning.


Established in 2016, Nepal Open University (NOU) is the first and only open university in the country with the aim of widening equitable access to quality higher education for learners unable to participate at conventional institutions of higher education. NOU is a public institution funded by the Government of Nepal.

The University programmes prioritise current needs of the nation and aim to improve employment opportunities for the people. The programmes on offer are flexible and of equal quality when compared to other higher education institutions in the country. The University blends face-to-face provision with online delivery integrated with real-world, project-based and problem-based learning. The University requires students to engage in synchronous online activities with their tutors and professors to maximize learner support.

NOU is committed to widening opportunities to build capabilities for its students in all areas of study. The OERu international network provides a valuable resource for this purpose. OERu courses provide additional learning support for students participating in academic and professional courses to expand competencies in their respective fields of study. As a member of the OERu international partnership, NOU will contribute to developing and promoting adoption of OER at higher education institutions in support of quality, lifelong learning.