OERu launches strategic planning consultation

Posted 11 May 2014 by Wayne Mackintosh

Today the OERu international consortium of universities, polytechnics, colleges and agencies launches our first open strategic planning consultation to answer three questions: Where are we now?, Where are we going?, and How do we get there? We invite OERu partners and the open education community to help us plan more affordable, sustainable and scalable education futures for all students worldwide. 

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Are micro-MOOCs the future of OERu offerings?

Posted 5 May 2014 by Tori Klassen

Last November, OERu launched in partnership with institutions worldwide, and the promise of an open higher education accessible to all. But how will it actually work?

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A little piece of the OERu credentialing puzzle

Posted 14 March 2014 by Irwin DeVries


Having been engaged with the Open Educational Resource universitas (OERu) since its early days, I was pretty happy to see a small but important piece of the credentialing puzzle snap into place at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) this week. 

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USQ helps OERu to improve course design using CIPP

Posted 12 March 2014 by Tim McCallum

My name is Tim McCallum [1]. I work closely with Professor Jim Taylor [2] designing and building OER course offerings at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) using the Context, Input, Process and Product (CIPP) evaluation model. The OERu context evaluation study conducted by the Australian Digital Futures Institute at USQ was based on the CIPP model to inform the planning for the prototype phase of our collaborative initiative. 

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On the road to KPU open

Posted 12 March 2014 by Diane J. Salter

KPU Logo

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) in Canada kicked off Open Education Week 2014 with a lively morning on Monday 10 March, 2014 where over fifty members of the KPU community shared ideas about open learning, Open Educational Resources (OER) and open textbooks.  Organized by KPU's INstitute for INnovation and Scholarship in Teaching and Learning (INSTL), under the leadership of Dr. Diane Salter, KPU's Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning, the goal of the event was to raise awareness of current initiatives at KPU as well as spark interest in future possibilities for both developing and using open resources including courses for OERu, and the use and development of open textbooks.  

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Gearing up for scalable OERu operations

Posted 6 March 2014 by Wayne Mackintosh

The OERu is entering the next phase of its development to gear up for scalable operations building on our experiences from the prototype phase during 2012 and 2013. Preparing for this growth requires the development of a number of infrastructure components identified during the second meeting of OERu anchor partners to facilitate smooth planning for OERu operations and delivering on our top priority of developing product for the OERu programme of study.  The OERu favours incremental design where development activities are small enough to fail but when aggregated they inform decision-making for a scalable and adaptive system. For this reason, the OERu continues to incorporate demonstrator projects to inform ongoing development.

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Want to code this summer and help OERu learners?

Posted 26 February 2014 by Wayne Mackintosh

GoogleSummer 2014logo

Google Summer of Code is a competiion for students to work with open source institutions on summer coding projects. This year, the OER Foundation has been selected as one of the mentoring organisations. You can help improve the technology used by WikiEducator and the OERu to widen access to more affordable higher education for all. 

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Portage College partners with OERu

Posted 16 February 2014 by OERu

Portage College logoPortage College has recently announced a partnership agreement with international education provider Open Educational Resources Universitas (OERu). The partnership allows the college to collaborate in building and providing Open Educational Resources (OERs) to students, in an effort to expand program offerings and provide affordable access to higher education.

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The OER university becomes OER universitas

Posted 18 December 2013 by OER Foundation Board of Directors

OERu Logo acronym bottom green

To better reflect the developing nature of the OERu collaboration, The Open Education Resource (OER) Foundation Board of Directors has amended the name of the OERu network to operate as the OER universitas (OERu). This change applies to all current and previous references that relate to the OERu.

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UNESCO Chair established at Otago Polytechnic to implement OERu

Posted 20 November 2013 by OER Foundation

Two of the world’s leading international education agencies have presented Otago Polytechnic with a prestigious appointment in recognition of its leading-edge development in the tertiary education sector. 

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