Tourism in Asia and the Pacific

This micro course focusses on tourism to the Asia and Pacific. It draws on three prior courses to encourage students to demonstrate cultural literacy skills and a detailed knowledge of one particular state or region.

This micro course is the last of four micro courses required to gain credit in Regional Relations in Asia and the Pacific.
What’s it about?

The course is about the application of knowledge to be able to describe and analyse international perspectives through the perspective of understanding the tourism industry of a particular state or region. 

What will I learn?

Students will learn in detail about cultural traditions and current regional issues through focussed research on a particular state or region with the goal of completing a tourism assignment. They will learn to apply research skills and cultural literacy skills.

What’s involved?
  • Working through modules.
  • Completing e-tivities.
  • Sourcing and critiquing readings.

No prerequisites. 

What micro courses are required for course credit?

Learners are required to complete four micro-courses to gain credit for Regional Relations in Asia and the Pacific:

  1. Introduction to Regional Relations in the Asia-Pacific
  2. Understanding Culture in Asia and the Pacific
  3. Regional economics in Asia and the Pacific
  4. Tourism in Asia and the Pacific

Image credit: White Sandy Beach by KuyaAndy, dedicated to the Public Domain.

Estimated Start: 2019Q1
Duration: 4 weeks,10 hours per week
Type: Micro course
Assessments: 10

Credentialing: Microcredential Official course credit
Course Credit: DIP1005 International Relations in Asia and the Pacific
Credential: Bachelor of General Studies
Level: 1st year Bachelor’s

Who are the developers:
Emeritus Professor Jim Taylor AM, In 2009, Professor Taylor received the Australian Higher Education Quality Award from the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) for his “national and international Read More
Dr Anna Hayes, has a BA (Asian Studies, Mandarin Chinese, History), a Master of Arts (Asian Studies) and a PhD (International Relations). Anna has lectured in Read More
Who are the lead facilitators:
Associate Professor Marcus Harmes, is Associate Director (Academic Development) Open Access College, USQ. He completed a PhD in seventeenth-century history at the University of Queensland, and a Read More